Milan Design Week 2024

Prelude. Introduction to the design to come

The Prelude as a preview of things to come: from ecological responsibility to promoting savoir faire, Tortona Rocks explores the new approaches that are revolutionising the world of design.

The hybridisation of disciplines, the appropriation of unorthodox elements, the constant use of new tools, as well as a budding revolution in “executive” practices, create an unusual juxtaposition between design and music; a linguistic short-circuit that is both alluring and alienating all at the same time.

The Fuorisalone in the Tortona district echoes with new sounds, proposing an event programme that overturns conventional codes and perspectives.

The ninth Tortona Rocks event celebrates the return of signature furniture design to the Tortona district, with a selection of international companies that demonstrate how furniture is a fertile terrain for the cross-contamination of tradition, research, materials and contemporary design.


WHAT WE DOTortona Rocks is a transversal trend incubator for designer products and furniture, new technologies, installations, collectives and the creation of site-specific projects. It also promotes some of the leading brands on the international scene and carries out careful scouting activities and research to find the most innovative and promising talents. The services provided by Tortona Rocks include press office and PR activities, social media marketing, promotion and coordination.