Sun Appeal - Building with the sun: Solar Pavilion


via Tortona 31, Opificio 31

“The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building.” (L. I. Kahn)
We dream of and work for a deep beauty. Shaping new boundaries between sustainability and architecture. “Building with the sun” aspires to present the potential of solar energy design, transforming solar panels from praxis to poetry. In the age of sustainability, we open a dialogue across tradition and innovation, nature and technology. Photovoltaics used as “right-tech”, inspired by technology and design, is the chase of new beauty. By showcasing the revolutionary solar products from Skala, Onyx Solar, Solskin and 3S Swiss Solar Solutions, the space is a seed inspiring creativity to transform our cities. We see no conflict between technology and architecture but only an intimate relationship, the key for a future that is beautiful for our eyes and souls.