The Prism

Tortona Rocks Press Lounge

via Tortona 31, Opificio 31

THE PRISM is a platform that produces works of art intended as gateways for spiritual investigation. Is it born from an idea of Stefano Simontacchi that becomes a project after deep inner growth, based on extensive readings and above all meditation.
Physical forms and spiritual dimensions converge and give life to powerful round, luminous or reflective artworks, emotional portals that invite each of us to go towards a wider inner dimension to discover our authentic self.
One of the most engaging emotional portals of The Prism will be exhibited in the Press Lounge of Opificio 31.
The exhibition, curated by Marco Senaldi, is open to the public in the permanent space THE PRISM CORE CENTER, in Piazza Napoli 22 in Milan.