quartiere Giambellino

Tortona Rocks comes out of the historic headquarters of Opificio 31 and launches the first edition of ALTROVE, a project that will take place annually, outlining new, unexpected, urban geographies. Transcending the district limits of the Fuorisalone, which sees the exhibition initiatives located in defined areas, the territorial digression has the purpose of fueling an original dialogue between design and Milan, leaving the usual exhibition layouts and making everyday places protagonists to experience new influences, visual and conceptual.
The urban incursion will be in the Giambellino district this year.
Created in collaboration with MilanoSecrets – the acclaimed carnet d’adresse that allows you to discover Milan through unusual addresses – the initiative features a mapping of sites, from the anthropological laboratory of food to the bookshop, from the pharmacy to the historic winery and other contexts. Here design will enter to stimulate a new dialogue and emphasize design as a widespread and endemic Milanese value, bringing design even further into our lives.

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