Unwanted Furniture - OpenDot e AMSA/Gruppo A2A

Tortona 5

Via Tortona, 5

Unwanted Furniture is the project by OpenDot and AMSA – Gruppo A2A, which is created with the aim of making citizens aware of the reuse of pieces of furniture, providing 10 circular and sustainable design strategies to be followed step-by-step to extend the life of old, broken or obsolete furnishings. The project is aimed at young designers living in Milan in order to rethink these materials in a sustainable way. Thanks to the involvement of Stooping Milano – the Instagram account that facilitates the exchange of disused furniture and furnishings – each designer will be assigned a recovered object and with the support of OpenDot will choose or design a circular strategy for the transformation of the object itself. With the support of the OpenDot makers and designers, the designers will complete the transformation of their product (from a disused object to a design object) within the Milanese Fab Lab.