Opificio 31

via Tortona, 31

In the IQOS space, the adult users and smokers can discover in national preview the new limited edition IQOS 3 Duo We Edition dedicated to the IQOS Community and inspired from different point of views from the over 2 milion person that in Italy have quit smoking to switch to IQOS.
In front of the IQOS Space the dialogue between art, design and sustainability express itself through an immersive anamorphic work by Truly Design Crew, achieved on a structure treated with Airlite paint, whose technologic composition allows a reduction of the pollutants in the air.
The work represents the bond between art and innovation integrating in its structure, sustainability and progress. It’s a work that looks at the future considering the different points of view of every single member of the IQOS Community expressing itself by anaformism: a work composed by different surfaces, each of which contributes to create a great image, like a community composed by countless people, each with its unicity and a story to tell.
The venture aims at promoting the dialogue on the positive impact that the progress can have on individuals and communities.