Truly Design for IQOS

Opificio 31

Via Tortona, 31

From 7 to 12 June, inside Opificio 31, IQOS celebrates its community through the intervention of temporary art “We” signed by Truly Design Crew: an immersive anamorphic work that represents the link between art and innovation, integrating into its conformation both sustainability and progress.
The installation is made using the anamorphic distortion technique: an artistic artifice through which the images dissolve when the spectator changes his point of view, an invitation from the artists to imagine a new future and infinite possibilities.
The collaboration with Truly Design Crew enriches the collection of initiatives between art and design that Philip Morris has put in place in the past years during Milan Design Week, precisely to celebrate innovation through the creative vision of artists and designers such as Karim Rashid, Quayola, Alex Chinneck, and Felice Limosani.
At the same address, users and adult smokers will also be able to visit the IQOS Lounge and discover the new limited edition IQOS 3 Duo We Edition dedicated to the IQOS Community and inspired by the different points of view of the over 2 million people in Italy who have quit smoking and switched to IQOS.