Opificio 31 - Textile Mini

Via Tortona, 31

Phormalab is a brand by Urbani s.r.l, a company with 60 years of experience in metals processing. This company, entirely Italian, is highly specialized in heating infrared design lamps.
Our high-end products allow to quickly warm up indoor and outdoor spaces, guaranteeing excellent performance in the most cold months of the year too, without giving up aesthetic values.

Our product range includes two families, different but complementary: our historic Hotdoor, which gave Phormalab notoriety in the design sector, and the newborn Aura, launched at the beginning of 2022.

In Hotdoor the great manufacturing Italian tradition combines with a deep care for details.
The output is a solid and functional heating infrared lamp, with refined and elegant shapes, that integrates perfectly in any space, giving them a sophisticated touch.

This products can satisfy every need, from the floor lamp version to the wall and ceiling ones, in addiction to the respective double versions that consent to combine two heaters in one lamp.
Hotdoor body and supports are in die casting aluminium, available in different colors and few additional accessories.

Aura is the new creation of Phormalab, an urban style lamp with an essential design, resulting from an accurate research.
AURA combines contemporary aesthetics with a highly functionality and technological innovation, looking towards the future of infrared heating.

Aura body and supports are made in die casting aluminium. The lamp, entirely produced in Italy, is available in two different colors, black and silver.