Regione Puglia

Green Stage

Via Savona, 33

Design in Apulia: Into the blue, painted blue (Nel blu, dipinto di blu).
Inspired by the title of the most famous Italian song in the world, the exhibition celebrates the importance of water, the blue gold of Apulia, a source of life and economic development, which has accompanied and shaped the history of the region.
And it is focusing on the colour blue that 22 Apulian companies and designers have created objects, taking inspiration from the use of water and the basic needs it satisfies, as well as from the very image of this precious resource.
More than 50 objects are on display: lamps and sculptures, tables and partitions, vases, jugs and washbasins, decorative objects and sculptures, as well as sofas and armchairs, based on a mix of materials, from glass, metal, ceramics and natural stone to fabric and wood.