The Playful Living

Green Stage

Via Savona, 33

The Playful Home: la casa del PresenteFuturo is the project conceived by the multidisciplinary
team of The Playful Living that will allow us to enter a real home to live and discover it, dedicated
to a couple with their three children aged 1, 6 and 12 years and to the whole relational world that
gravitates around it: between furnishings, accessories and services, the house is recreated in a 220
sqm loft and brings to light, between indoor and outdoor spaces, those virtuous relationships that
help and favor a proper development of those who live there. A series of workshops and meetings
will allow the deepening of these dynamics.
The Playful Home: La Casa del PresenteFuturo is created in collaboration with the research
laboratory CILAB (Creative Industries Lab) of the Politecnico di Milano, the International Kids &
Toys Master of Poli.Design.